Marlowes Food Menu

Yeah Lovely £12.95
2 x 3oz Beef, American Cheese, Streaky Bacon, Pickles, Brioche

MAJ  £12.95
2 x 3oz Beef, Cheddar, Caramelised & Crispy Onions, Mustard Mayo, Brioche

Cheeseburger £11.50
2 x 3oz Beef, American Cheese, Brioche

Classic £11.95
2 x 3oz Beef, American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Brioche    

Chicken Kev £10.50
Fried Chicken, American Cheese, Marlowe’s Sauce, Lettuce, Brioche

Siracha Chicken £10.50
Fried Chicken, American Cheese, Siracha Sauce, Lettuce, Brioche                                    

Veg Yeah Lovely £12.95
Moving Mountains, American Cheese, Marlowe’s Sauce, Lettuce, Pickles, Brioche        

                                                Add Some Extras to your burger?
Double up Beef £5.50                                                                Marlowe’s Sauce £1.50
Streaky Bacon
£1.50                                                                   Siracha Mayo 95p
Cheddar £1.50                                                                             Frank’s Hot Sauce 95p
American Cheese 95p                                                                 BBQ Sauce 95p
Caramelised Onions £2.50                                                         American Mustard 95p
Pickles 50p                                                                                   Heinz Ketchup Free
Jalapenos £1.00                                                                            Hellmann’s Mayo Free

Skin on Fries  with Rosemary Salt                                              £3.95
Sweet Potato Fries                                                                     £5.95
Halloumi Fries
with Sweet Chilli Sauce                                      £8.95 
3 Chicken Tenders with 1 Marlowe’s Sauce                             £5.95
5 Chicken Tenders
with 2 Marlowe’s Sauce                              £8.95
all of the above available as a dunk pot                       £1.50/95p


                                             Customise your Loaded Fries
                                                 £3.50 for plain fries, add your toppings below

Homemade Beef Chilli     £6.50                                    Jalapenos              £1.00
Homemade Veg Chilli       £4.95                                   Spring Onions      £1.00
Bacon Bits                           £2.95                                  Marlowe’s Sauce £1.50
Grated Cheddar                 £2.95                                   Siracha Mayo         95p
Parmesan                            £1.95                                   Heinz Ketchup       Free
Crispy Onions                     £1.00                                   Hellmann’s Mayo   Free

Trivia Tuesdays

This quiz is miles ahead of whatever lame Zoom quizzes you’ve been playing lately: we’re pretty sure your living room doesn’t have twenty taps. Come join the fray and play for our awesome prizes, as well as the glory and the bragging rights!  

Thursday Tunes

Is there a better way to kick off the early weekend than great food, great beer, and great live music? We don’t think so. Join us every Thursday night to belt out your favourite tunes with our resident rockstar Billy Keane. Armed with a guitar and only the greatest hits, he’s sure to have you feeling good and ready for what lies ahead.

On Tap


FOURPURE Voodoo RangerHazy 5.3 %6.65
The Goodness BreweryYES !S.I.P.A4.5 %6.65
DROP PROJECTFikaPale Ale3.8 %6.65
        WIMBLEDONGoldLager4.8 %6.65
DROP PROJECTPhowarHazy Pale Ale4.5 %6.65
BELLEVILLEPicnicSession IPA4.4 %6.65
SAMBROOKSVallahaRed Ale5. %7.50
GUINNESSGuinnessStout4.2 %6.85
DROP PROJECTFourNew England IPA5.8%7.50
Mondo BREWING COMPANYDennis HopperIPA5.2 %7.50
FOREST ROADPoshLager4.1 %6.65
ASPALLAspallCider4.5 %6.65
MADRIMadriLager4.6 %6.65
NASTRO AZZURROPeroniLager5.1 %6.65
BELLEVILLERock LobsterNew England Pale Ale4.8 %6.65
CAMDEN BREWERYCamden HellsLager4.6 %6.65
MAGIC ROCK BREWINGSalty KissSour4.1 %6.65
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