Marlowes Food Menu

Yeah Lovely £12.95
2 x 3oz Beef, American Cheese, Streaky Bacon, Pickles, Brioche

MAJ  £12.95
2 x 3oz Beef, Cheddar, Caramelised & Crispy Onions, Mustard Mayo, Brioche

Cheeseburger £11.50
2 x 3oz Beef, American Cheese, Brioche

Classic £11.95
2 x 3oz Beef, American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Brioche    

Chicken Kev £10.50
Fried Chicken, American Cheese, Marlowe’s Sauce, Lettuce, Brioche

Siracha Chicken £10.50
Fried Chicken, American Cheese, Siracha Sauce, Lettuce, Brioche                                    

Veg Yeah Lovely £12.95
Moving Mountains, American Cheese, Marlowe’s Sauce, Lettuce, Pickles, Brioche        

                                                Add Some Extras to your burger?
Double up Beef £5.50                                                                Marlowe’s Sauce £1.50
Streaky Bacon
£1.50                                                                   Siracha Mayo 95p
Cheddar £1.50                                                                             Frank’s Hot Sauce 95p
American Cheese 95p                                                                 BBQ Sauce 95p
Caramelised Onions £2.50                                                         American Mustard 95p
Pickles 50p                                                                                   Heinz Ketchup Free
Jalapenos £1.00                                                                            Hellmann’s Mayo Free

Skin on Fries  with Rosemary Salt                                              £3.95
Sweet Potato Fries                                                                     £5.95
Halloumi Fries
with Sweet Chilli Sauce                                      £8.95 
3 Chicken Tenders with 1 Marlowe’s Sauce                             £5.95
5 Chicken Tenders
with 2 Marlowe’s Sauce                              £8.95
all of the above available as a dunk pot                       £1.50/95p


                                             Customise your Loaded Fries
                                                 £3.50 for plain fries, add your toppings below

Homemade Beef Chilli     £6.50                                    Jalapenos              £1.00
Homemade Veg Chilli       £4.95                                   Spring Onions      £1.00
Bacon Bits                           £2.95                                  Marlowe’s Sauce £1.50
Grated Cheddar                 £2.95                                   Siracha Mayo         95p
Parmesan                            £1.95                                   Heinz Ketchup       Free
Crispy Onions                     £1.00                                   Hellmann’s Mayo   Free

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